Meditations In Wrath

by Alekhine's Gun

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Recorded mixed and Mastered
Produced by Alekhine's Gun


released January 3, 2012

All songs written by Jeff Martinez & Jessica Pimentel
All Lyrics by Jessica Pimentel
Jessica Pimentel - Vocals /Guitar
Jeff Martinez - Guitar
Dan Martinez - Bass
Angel Cotte - Drums
All Rights Reserved 2012



all rights reserved


Alekhine's Gun Brooklyn, New York

Alekhine’s Gun is an extreme metal outfit from Brooklyn, . Combining insightful lyrics with poignant vocal delivery, raw yet tactful riffage, and an underlying groove that stretches beyond the walls of genre, the band has captured the attention of not just the metal community, but the music community as a whole. ... more


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Track Name: Gutwrench
Once again you have chosen the wrong path
Once again I choose
To look the other way
I'm so tired of being your martyr
The one to suffer
suffer for your mistakes
But I made a promise
I made a promise
For as long as all time and all space would endure
But I think I've endured enough time in this space with you
And think this promise
My promise
Is A Promise that's meant to be broken
I know you're drowning
You're the one that wanted the ocean
I see you hanging
I'm the one that gave you the rope
I offered my hand
And you took it and spit in my face
I said I'd remember
That's why I'm never going to forget ...
You made a promise
That you're not strong enough to keep
You make your choices
I will not bear them anymore
I lay your cross down
But you can't carry the weight by yourself
I break my promise
So you will learn
I knew it in my heart
I felt it in my gut
I put you to the test
And you have failed me.....
Your weakness
Disgusts me
To know you
Brings me shame
Your weakness
Repulsed me
My guts wrench
to speak your name

Your weakness
Infects me
You are not
Worth the pain
Track Name: Vengeance (Palden Lhamo)
I will find you

I've become the thing I most despise
I have become vengeance
Looking out with hateful eyes
And I won't rest
Until I make it clear
I'll shatter; I'll crush
The things that you hold dear

You'll wish you never crossed me
You're gonna know this is real
Make you feel
Each day you'll wish you were never born

Comes and goes back around

I won't have to lift a finger
You will take yourself to hell
To get away from me

Can't escape yourself...

The things you love will be torn from your grasp

And you will drown In regret

The imminent collapse
the weight of your lies
Your dreams begin to crumble
Before your very eyes

Your friends will slowly turn
To vilest enemies
The weeping of a child from
the consequence of deeds

I am the Nemesis

I won't have to lift a finger
You will take yourself to hell

To see is to believe
I'm deep within your mind
No slipping through the cracks
The pain will come with time

The Pain will will come in time2x

You'll wish you never crossed me
You're gonna know this is real
Make you feel

When you get there I'll be waiting...3x

Hell is where I live ….

Track Name: Om Vajrapani Hum
Om Vajrapani Hum
Track Name: The Wrath (Vajrapani)
I rule all kingdoms, Heaven and Hell
Demons cower at the sound of my voice
I hold the thunder in my hand
With eyes of fire I grip the steel

You will know power When you know me
I keep the secret
And with this secret I hold the key
To destroy your world

Feed off the blackness in your soul
It makes me stronger; Makes you disappear
Black poison running through my veins
You cannot touch me; I have no fear.

You will know power
When you know me
I keep the secret
And with this secret I hold the key.....

My breath on your neck I am over your shoulder
Turn and you'll see me

Your skin inside out I will rip out the rot in you
I will make you bleed

The strength of a serpent I squeeze out the lies in you
Show you what I see

The skies open up and I rain down the wrath on you
I will set you free

I keep the secret
I hold the key
Destroy your world

You will know power
When you know me
Om Vajrapani Hum
Track Name: Bardo
…. And so it begins

Taking one step further
Closer to this death.
Self annihilation
A dangling of breath

And now you realize
It's quickly slipping away
A panic starts to grip
As you witness your last day

Here your fate lies
Between two lives

…. And what have you done

Starting on this journey
Walking on your own
So many roads before you
None will take you home

And now you realize
Its time for you to repay
A terror starts to grip
as your memory's fading away

This was your life......

You're standing there; Pray for salvation
But nothing's going to come to save you now.

This desolate plane of existence becomes your battle ground

Caught up in the web of a flood light
Illuminates the evil in your heart

With one swift blow of a chopknife
Your body's ripped apart

Rips it all away

This was your life
Let go of this life
On to new life
In between two lives

Time to pay
Time to pay
Time to pay
And you will pay
For all that you've done.